Founded by film school friends Michael Flores and Mario Restive, Nomad Cinema was born in the Summer of 2014 in Central New York. Warm weather doesn’t last long upstate, so we always want to get the most out of each Summer by enjoying the mild nights under the stars. Bottle that up with our favorite pastime of watching movies and you’ve got something sweeter than a Yoo-hoo.

Since Nomad Cinema isn’t confined to the four walls of a theater, the freedom to be everywhere gives us the chance to highlight new outdoor venues. We’ve worked alongside local businesses to make each screening special to the region, while also showcasing each business at the show. The relationships we’ve made with the businesses in our area are just the icing on the cake. Nomad Cinema’s success mirrors Central New York’s and the future looks exciting.

Follow the Nomad and see what’s ahead. See films you love. See where you live.

Nomad Cinema Van photo